Environmental Benefits

  • Water A family of 3 people with a flush toilet uses 600.000 litre of water over 15 years. This is often pure drinking water which is very valuable.
  • After using this water is mixed with other water in the sewers, because here comes the waste water from households and businesses rightly. In many countries there is not a lot of separation of rainwater and waste water into our sewer system. This makes purification of the water difficult and expensive.
  • Septic tank- A septic tank is no longer necessary or is will be less used. The septic tank forms methane that goes in the atmosphere.  Methane contributes approximately 20 times more to the warming of the earth than CO2.
  • Many of the urine and stool may come along just in sewers. It is then diluted by contact with the other water. This creates pollution (including nitrates) and a risk of bacterial development. This will also affect the algae in water development. 
  • Ideal plant nutrition: The compost is the perfect plant food, it contains useful minerals and trace elements.
  • Airtightness of the house:You do not have window open to take to eliminate unpleasant odours. This you improve the airtightness of your home, allowing you to lower the need for warming.

Clean water - river Meuse - North of France close to the belgian border